New Roofs

Protect Your Home with a New Roof

Pitched Roofs

Ashington Roofers provide a comprehensive roofing service to replace your existing pitched roof and install a new, attractive and reliable roof giving you complete peace of mind for the future.

We offer guarantees providing you with a roof of the highest quality, one that will last you for many years to come.  Our roofing service is completely bespoke and specific to your requirements.  If your existing roof material matched your property’s features, we will replace it with a brand new roof of the same material.

As roofing experts with over 18 years experience in the industry.  We have the expertise and knowledge to supply your roof using any type of material including Slate Tiles, Clay Tiles, and Interlocking Tiles.

With our experience in the roofing industry, we will provide you with helpful advice as to the suitability of materials.

As one of Ashington’s leading roofers, Ashington Roofers will expertly and safely remove your existing roof.  As an environmentally friendly company, we will ensure that your existing roof materials are disposed of in the correct way.

Everything we do comes expertly fitted with a Full Guarantee, designed to give you absolute peace of mind.

A new tiled pitched roof can have a variety of applications including:-

  1. New House Roof
  2. New Conservatory Roof
  3. New Garage Roof
  4. New Porch Roof
  5. New Summer House Roof

Flat Roof Systems 

Ashington Roofers provide a multitude of flat roofing systems that can be used in a variety of scenarios.  Whether you need a quick fix to an existing flat roof or you need a great looking, long lasting flat roofing system we have the expertise to advise and install the perfect roofing solution.

A new flat waterproof roofing system can have a variety of applications including:-

  1. Commercial Roofing
  2. Roof for Home Extensions
  3. Porch Roof

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